What is the story behind ALIKE?

Let me ask you a question in response. Are you happy with your Social Media? If not, why not?

I see multiple inherent problems, but I also envision a better solution. Besides the issues cited here, including privacy, abusive behavior, and propaganda, some could argue that as-is, Social Media in the end is more harmful to its users than beneficial. Rather than it be a liability, ALIKE proposes to be an asset.

That's the short answer to your question.

Where do you see social platforms in the future?

If I were to predict, I'd say they're about to splinter. Much of the media we consume is already personalized, so the channels logically will too. Some argue the polarization, how many of us stay within our silos of information, is troublesome as we learn nothing in our quest to simply hear what we already believe. That said, I don't agree with that prediction. ALIKE is meant to unite differing opinions in a return to civility and truth.

What is your mission?

Regarding ALIKE, to connect people to focus on what we have in common, not what separates us. Together we are capable of progress far greater than we imagine.

Do you have plans for other projects like this one?

Yes. Not like ALIKE, but a relevant extension, ISCed, and ALIKE would bootstrap its development.

Can you explain how will your platform work?

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Likes, Bookmarks and Subscriptions
    • Members can share content to various Social and Community sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, but only registered ALIKE members can view that content.
  • Comments
    • Members can post comments to content. 
    • HERE is where the magic happens. 
  • Members can post a variety of types of media to their walls:
    • Images
    • Video
    • Mp3s
    • Links
    • Or traditional comments and, but keep in mind, you are sharing and expected to bridge the gap, not widen it.
  • Sections
    • Profile
    • Newsfeed
    • Moderation
  • Profile Image
    • Integrate your avatar from Gravatar
    • Upload your own
  • Notifications
    • Get notified when a new comment or post is added. 
  • Bookmarking
    • Share your posts (including all media attached) to other Social sites such as Facebook and Twitter or on Social Bookmarking sites like Digg or Delicio.us.
  • Newsfeed 
    • Your curated feed
  • All Posts
    • This is your "Browse" feature
  • Subscribers
    • See who follows you
  • Subscriptions
    • Whom you follow
  • Wall
    • Review your own content
    • Here's also where you post new content

What level of popularity do you predict for ALIKE?

We'll see. For now our goal is to build the founding community. As users truly have ownership of the platform, our hope is they will help further develop the base with ALIKE-minded folks. Given that approach, ALIKE's popularity largely is in the hands of its users, so our predictions are moot.

Did you work on any similar projects before?

Relatively, yes. In response to a previous question, I shared that I work in Social Media which in short, is one reason I saw a problem and propose a viable solution. ALIKE is the infancy of what likely will be the next generation of personalized Social platforms: Owned Social Media. Ironically, it's a Best Practice for Brands and Marketers, considering it negates Paid Acquisition. This is actually a tried-and-true advertising effort, purely Organic Content Marketing, that dates back generations before Social Media and any Digital Marketing. Branded Social platforms like ALIKE will deliver 100% organic reach, significantly deeper engagement, and exponential sharing, all while boosting SEO via multiple Ranking Factors.

Do you think that popular social networks are doing enough to stop abusive users, trolls and misinformation spreading?

Popular Social Networks might claim to be against abusive behavior and remove users who do so, but any ad-based revenue model, which all free platforms rely on, needs to maximize the segmentation of all users. That means everyone. The stances we see Twitter and Facebook taking since the 2016 elections are just that: stances. We read of "purges" at Facebook and Twitter, but their ad-based model is flawed and nothing they do will ever matter, substantially. It's not that these networks encourage misinformation; it is that they are financially limited to discourage it.

What do you think is the main problem with using chatbots?

The easy answer is: Chatbots are not human. Decisions are programmatically made that often are in error. Remove the human component from anything and the result is inhumane.

Why do you think that currently famous platforms host so many abusive users?

Because they can host them, not to mention reward them. A simple explanation is because they are free and enjoy billions of users, they easily and repeatedly provide global eyeballs for hate speech.

Who is your main audience?

All ages and sociological segments are within our scope. We don't target anyone. We can make assumptions as to who might comprise our base, but the users themselves will amplify our presence and as a result, will build the ALIKE community.

What differentiates your platform from all the other social networks?

  • No ads. We don't just say we respect your privacy. We do it.
  • No trolls. No propaganda. Imagine that...
  • It provides a forum for the majority of Americans (and anyone around the globe!), a place to rediscover how much more ALIKE we are, rather than different.

Do you think that people will be willing to pay to join ALIKE when there are free social networks? Why?

Considering the problems users experience across all free ones, we believe $12/year will be worth it to those who want a troll and propaganda-free platform. Not everyone will agree, understandably, but ALIKE provides a unique, necessary alternative.

What will be some of the main challenges of creating ALIKE? What will be the fun parts?

The biggest hurdle is being the first subscription-based Social Media platform, however, with the problems users experience across all free ones, we believe $12/year will be worth it.
Read specifics here: About ALIKE.

How will those who are abusive be handled?

Users will report abusive behavior and abusive users will be banned.

ALIKE is subscription-based.

  • $1 a month keeps the ads out and our lights on.
  • $1 a month also keeps the Trolls elsewhere.

Think about it... would you repeatedly waste your money? Troll farms, propagandists, and your everyday jerks will quickly find ALIKE cost-prohibitive.

What made you realize that you wanted to create this social network?

I work partly in Pay Per Click marketing. Once I saw how pervasive targeting was, I thought there could be a better way. Once I saw how Social Media devolved into channels for propaganda and hate, I realized ALIKE.

How many employees will you need to keep track of abusive users?

At first we expect abusive behavior on par with other platforms, but per abusive user, it need only be addressed once. Yes, a banned user can return but at $12 a subscription, it will relatively quickly result in a troll and propaganda-free experience. That said, we expect needing only a few admins to keep track.

What did you study? Was it related to any element of creating a social network?

English major, early '90s, so it could be argued I studied social networks before social networks.

Do you have a good relationship with your customers? How do you manage to keep the relationship with them strong?

Our customers, our users, will be the center of our platform. The relationships between them is critical, as the relationships between users on other Social Media is poor.